MK01 0.5-1 SECS GLUE RETENTION 6-7 Weeks 5ML

Ideal Humidity:All Season Glue
Ideal Temperature is 30-70% RH
Ldeal temp: 19-23 Celsius

Dry Time:0.5-1 Secs

Retention:6-7 Weeks

MK01 0.5-1 SECS GLUE RETENTION 6-7 Weeks 5ML

    1.  Always wipe away glue from nozzle after each time dispensing.Do not wipe with cotton or wet cloths/wipes.
    2. Always burp your bottle after each use
    3. Keep bottle away from all water, cotton and moist areas.
    4. Unopened adhesive can be stored in fridge for up to 5 months.
    5. Opened adhesive should be stored in adhesive container or original bag it came.
    6. Store in Dry, Cool & Dark place
    7. This glue likes to be stored in the fridge PRIOR to opening ONLY
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