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About US yelashext ension glue 04
About US yelashext ension glue 03

With the foundation history since 2009, Mura Ken Co., LTD has been dedicated to the eyelash extensions glue industry over 10 years and supporting our clients with the most innovative and high-quality products. Mura Ken Co., LTD believes all lash artists deserve to build a brand they will be proud of, so we run an ISO 9001:2015 certified management system and get all products an SGS certification to ensure our clients can be satisfied with their OEM requirements.

We keep a close eye on new technology development and market trend, manufacturing high-standard, latex-free formaldehyde-free and oil resistance eyelash extension glue by our own R&D team in Taiwan. Therefore we established our own factory in Korea to ensure all the eyelash extension glue is freshly made by the high quality standards. We aim to empower our worldwide clients to provide the best and unique products in their city. In order to make all lash artists keep pace with the latest lashes glue trend. Mura Ken Co., LTD has established an association since 2014-Jovisa Eyelash Designers Association (JEDA).

We offer a one-stop service for all our eyelash extension adhesive. Therefore we always produce the eyelash glue once clients place an order, you will always receive the freshest glue. Besides, we insist on sending products with on-time delivery and organized, an exquisite package from the guaranteed shipping company like DHL, FedEx, UPS, and EMS. Eyelash extensions glue industry is activating, so it's important to renew lash glue knowledge and techniques continually.

Over the past decades, Mura Ken had been helping lash artists all over the world over 100 countries to estalbllish their own brand, which makes them the top leading lash company in their own countries. They even manage to sell on Amazon, eBay and even on Alibaba. Hence, What are you waiting for? Come and let us help you with your lash dream.

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