1 Sec Eyelash Extension Glue 5ML

Ideal Humidity : 50~70% RH

Ideal Tempreture 19-23 Celsius

Dry Time1 Secs

Retention6-7 Weeks


Mura Ken is a well-known eyelash glue manufacturer that provides high-quality eyelashes glue to consumers.

All eyelash glue is certified by SGS. As a lash glue supplier with 10 years of experience in selling eyelash glues around the world, we can not only provide high-quality eyelash extension adhesive to our customers but also offer you the most suitable advice.

Being as a fully trusted lash adhesive manufacturer we know that eyelash artists choose lash extension glue based on different ambient humidity, temperature, and cropping techniques, therefore, we offer different drying time of glues to choose from.

The quality of our products will definitely be able to expand your customer base effectively.

Mura Ken is your first choice for private label lash glue.

1 Sec Eyelash Extension Glue 5ML

    1.  Always wipe away glue from nozzle after each time dispensing.Do not wipe with cotton or wet cloths/wipes.
    2. Always burp your bottle after each use
    3. Keep bottle away from all water, cotton and moist areas.
    4. Unopened adhesive can be stored in fridge for up to 5 months.
    5. Opened adhesive should be stored in adhesive container or original bag it came.
    6. Store in Dry, Cool & Dark place
    7. This glue likes to be stored in the fridge PRIOR to opening ONLY